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4 Epigrammi greci
(1958) for bariton and instruments
Trio with piano
Carme CV
(Catullo; 1959) for mixed choir and chamber orchestra
Studio per una composizione per orchestra
Sei pezzi per orchestra (1962)
Voci sole (1963) for choir (72 voices)
Quodlibet (1964) for viola, cello, cb. and percussion (score to be projected in sections ordered by the performers)
Tune (1965) for x series of five suspended cymbals
Last Blues (1965) for voice and piano after a poem by Cesare Pavese (›Last Blues to be read someday‹)
(1964/67) for piano(s) and a variable number of performers
Epitaffio in memoria d' un Concerto (1968) for 3 sound sources and tape-delay system
Illegonda (1968) theatrical piece for solo soprano, sound environment and tape
Tre fogli x 4 (1969) for 4 percussions, played by children
Spazio-Tempo (1967/70) environmental theater piece for a variable number of dancer-mimes and instrumentalists
A New Beggar’s Opera (1969) theatrical piece for 1 pianist-actor and a variable number of actor-musicians
Mariolina (1969/70) for harpsichord (with a special preparation)
Suite dal Balletto (1970) from Spazio-Tempo, for orch. and 8 slide-projectors
Tempi di prova (1970) for voice, pianist-percussionist, speaker, mime, sound-technician and conductor
Scratch-a-matic (1971) for piano (strings) operated by nine DC motors + tape delay with speed variation
Chain Reaction (1973 in collab. with kinetic painter Peter Sedgley), for wind modulated instruments and cromatic environment
Vele (1973/74) for aeolian harps in the open and 3 vocalists
Chanson pour instruments à vent (1974) for aeolian instruments (operated by compressed air), 1 performer
Focus (1974) theatrical piece; five channels pre-recorded phonic material (gongs) modulated by the gestures of a dancer
Pavana (1974) for flute (alto), oboe (Cor E), bass clarinet, bassoon, horn (Wagner tuba) and piano spatially projected through 6 independent microphone/speaker system
An American Dream (1974) for prepared piano
Birthday Haikai (1979) 3 performers: voice, Shakuhachi, Sitar
Venti (1980/82) for 20 aeolian harps, 40 performers and 2 conductors
Bhèri (1973/81) audio-visual piece for six japanese gongs (mechanically operated) and kinetic shadows
Alleluia (1982) for 7+1 japanese gong and grand-piano action (1 performer)
Pagine per Dieter (1983) for Dieter Schnebel, prep. piano with 6 motors and photoelectric system
Elisaveta Bam (1984) theatrical piece (Danjil Charms) for 5 instrumentalists, aeolian harps, barrel-organ
Streichquartett Nr. 1 "Die Lyra des Äolus"
(1992) for 4 acoustic sound generators and 4 performers
Ricercare sul tema di CHANSON (1992) for 2 groups of aeolian harps and 2 performers
Streichquartett Nr. 2 (1993) »delle sordine« string quartet with special preparation (bar -mute)
Solo aus Klavierquartett
(1993-94) environmental piece for 8 resonators connected by long string system
Sinfonia "dei respiri" (1997) for 9 instrumentalists
Fuochi (1998/99) for 8 wind instruments and electronic manipulation on 8 channels
Suite "colori" (1999) for prepared piano

Il Cimitero degli Elefanti (1979; new version: 2000) for 5 pianos and DC motors
Elementi di Forma (2000/2001) for prepared cello and digital manipulation
Istantanee I/II/III (1995/2006) for aeolian harp and electroacoustic manipulation in real time (Istantanea III)

* With very few exceptions the works of Bertoncini are not edited, therefore exclusive property of the composer/the heir. For any question regarding the estate, performances, scores, wind harps and other information, please contact me

Streichquartett Nr. 3 for 4 performers and acoustic environment
SOL chamber piece for 13 strings (with bar-mutes)
Arakne (1999) aeolian harp
La favola d'Aracne(1999, non real.) theatrical action for aeolian harp, tam-tam, speaker, choir, 2 dancers and projections
Waldemar's Castle Installation for five aeolian sound sculptures »en plein air«
Astrolabium (1990) for aeolian sculpture, dancer and Choreophon
Chöre (1993, non real.) for orchester with »Stabdämpfer« (bar-mute), 2 pianos and 7 percussionists
Exercice (1999) for a dancer and interactive sound environment
Nella Cava di Pietra
Installation for ten aeolian sound sculptures »en plein air«
Pix (2014) for prepared piano

per una bottega d’Arte dei nostri giorni. First idea of a pedagogical reinterpretation of the Italian Renaissance conception of
»Botteghe d'arte«, as applied to interdisciplinary researches (first realised at the McGill University, Montreal 1974-76)
Improvisation Workshop (Barcelona 1996)

Besides compositions of classic-romantic repertoire, of elizabethan epoque (Byrd, Bull, Gibson, Richardson, Farnaby ecc.), as well as 20th century (Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Stravinsky, Bartók ecc.) and contemporary music (from SONATAS AND INTERLUDES by J. Cage to KEYBOARD STUDIES by Terry Riley among many others); from the 80ies on featuring of a mixed concert formula including own compositions together with pieces by composers of the past apparently incompatible (15 Sonatas by D. Scarlatti coupled with SOLO AUS DEM KLAVIERQUARTETT, SUITE for prepared piano or else the 24 preludes by Chopin with works for prepared piano etc.).

Earle Brown 4 SYSTEMS
Dieter Schnebel VISIBLE MUSIC

member of GINC (Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza)

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