: SOLO aus dem Klavierquartett (1993-94) :
Installation for strings and different resonators
durata: var. | 1st perf.: Podewil, Berlin, 23.5.1994 ++++++++++++ Video Naples 2016 rehearsal

Installation consisting of several long strings stretched over the whole stage and creating an acoustic resonating system by means of 5 main resonators [piano, tam-tam, bronze plate, Tibetan singing gong, wooden panel] and 3 secondary resonators [bronze spirals].

A texture of independent sustained sounds occurs mainly by finger friction and also by using string - instruments bows. The technique employed here goes back to the sixties and to a method I first applied in 1963 to the piano as well as to percussion instruments such as cymbals and other idiophones in order to be able of changing the ordinary short decay curve typical of those instruments. Joining in 1964 the Improvisation Group Nuova Consonanza, I have brought such techniques into the group demonstrating them extensively in concerts, in records as well as in Radio or TV programs of several countries. From the second half of next decade I started experimenting with different sound producing systems and only over twenty years after that period, with SOLO, I went back to similar techniques. This time the gestural content of such actions is going to be projected over a larger space – as if, hypothetically, both the only player and the audience were placed inside the resonance body of a gigantic string instrument.

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