: An American Dream (1974) :
for prepared piano
var. ca. 6' / 1st perf.: Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt (Nov. 1976): Klaus Billing

mario bertoncini - american dream

The dedication says: “a birthday feuillet d’album to be both played and listened to by one person, on a quiet Sunday afternoon”.

The score consists of 33 repetitive modules inscribed within a big capital “K”, the first letter of Klaus Billing’s name, the German pianist to whom the work is dedicated. In the big “B” of the name both the strings and the nodal points are inscribed, on which the small wheel of the motor is to be applied. As for the modules that have to be performed on the keyboard, having a constant pulsation they nevertheless show different rhythmic patterns; through their repetition such modules produce an always changing sequence of different metric quantities.

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