: Istantanee I (1995) :
Circular aeolian harp (diameter cm 100) exposed to the wind with no human interaction
var. 45' ca. / 1st perf.: Trebnitz Castle (1995)


Aeolian harp, 1 m diameter with 4 bundles of a total of
1200 thin metal strings made of copper, bronze, brass, spring steel

»In 1995, at the end of a "Sommerakademie" I directed in Trebnitz near the east Prussian border with Poland, I had the idea of placing one of my circular aeolian harps (one-meter in diameter) in the open. Trying to use the sheer action of the wind, I recorded the result of that action without any kind of meddling, i.e. without trying to impose the slightest modification on its sonic course. By using such a procedure, I was referring metaphorically to snapshots ("istantanee" in Italian) as if such automatic recordings were to be considered as the phonic equivalent of a camera. As a result of this, occasional noises occurring in the surrounding countryside were integrated (a far-away barking dog, faint screeching of swallows and so on) as well as other occurrences I had no control over, although potentially forseen or – let’s say – wished for by myself, at least in their potential state: the light bouncing of a rubber band, of a bug, a gnat or even a blade of grass against the harp strings; or a low string, not taut enough, hitting again and again against the next one.« Mario Bertoncini   

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