: Istantanee II (2006) :
Circular aeolian harp (diameter cm 100) waved by 1 performer
var. 12' ca. / 1st perf.: Rome, Goethe Institut Auditorium (2006)

M.B. Istantanee II Cremona 2011 (Photo: Carlo Ferraroni)

The work forms the second part of a trilogy I began composing in the fall
of 2006 on a joint commission by both C.R.M. (Centro Ricerche Musicali)
Rome and CEMAT for a concert within the framework of the celebration
of the 10th anniversary of the latter Roman musical association.
The aeolian object, a “sound sculpture”, is the same circular harp I employed
in Istantanee I. Here, though, it is not the wind that modulates its sound
but the activity of a solo performer. He makes its strings vibrate in three
different ways coinciding with the three large time spans of the piece: in the
1st, by means of two jets of compressed air; the 2nd, by means of three small
fans (two of them free-standing and the third fixed); and finally the 3rd, by
buffing the strings with one’s breath.
As I have already explained theoretically elsewhere (precisely in my dialogue
“Aeolian Harps and other useless things”), the musical – that is temporal
– development of the piece occurs freely within a formal strategy
that emerges from Golden Section proportions based upon the duration
of Istantanee I.
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